A Small, Formal and Somewhat Minimalist Front Garden

Designed specifically for a new-build house which doesn't assume too much of a distinctive style or era, so solid blocks and a simple palette is just right.

The challenges with this one, (there's always a challenge) are the two huge manhole covers which, with the use of recessed manhole covers can be nicely disguised as part of the paving. This was decided after the plan was drawn up and should affect the budget only very slightly.

Courtyard Garden


and After

I always find it amazing how much larger gardens seem with lovely paving and neat planter edges. The courtyard planting will thrive in the crumbly topsoil. Watch this space to see the difference a couple of months make.

And four months later, you can see how well the plants have settled in.

The Presentation Plan specific to the clients Brief and the Garden's Environment