A Small, Formal and Somewhat Minimalist Front Garden

Designed specifically for a new-build house which doesn't assume too much of a distinctive style or era, so solid blocks and a simple palette is just right.

The challenges with this one, (there's always a challenge) are the two huge manhole covers which, with the use of recessed manhole covers can be nicely disguised as part of the paving. This was decided after the plan was drawn up and should affect the budget only very slightly.

Courtyard Garden


and After

I always find it amazing how much larger gardens seem with lovely paving and neat planter edges. The courtyard planting will thrive in the crumbly topsoil. Watch this space to see the difference a couple of months make.

And four months later, you can see how well the plants have settled in.

The Presentation Plan specific to the clients Brief and the Garden's Environment

A Mini Rock Garden

Before . . . 

After ...

Client : 
"Thank you very much for the rock garden, it is exactly how I wanted it and I am very pleased."
The latest re-design

and some photos showing my client's hard work putting the plan to work !!

"Thank you so much for designing our garden. 
We are thrilled with the results. It is exactly what we wanted - low maintenance, practical, 
up-cycling all our existing features - and with a wow factor! Thank you!"

Before & after     

Sometimes a few changes can give a large impact

A wee article I happened to read in the "Real Homes" magazine . . . 

Creating a haven out of a barren & shady area

Rendered Elevation of the Plan


Adding Soil Improver & the Plants

My Front Garden

The Plan
A small sized garden designed to be low maintenance and practical
(ie there should be enough space for wheelie bins)



Dry / Gravel Gardens

Section Elevation

Planting Plan

Making an entrance

Section Elevation of the golf course entrance area to be ...

                  Planting Plan
 Planting Plans . . .  don't we just love them

 Planting Plan for a shady Corner & Elevation

Planting Plan for a Sunny position & Elevation

 Bookshop Courtyard Elevation & Planting Plan

A low budget Jungle Garden from the mesozoic Era

B&W presentation plan from above

with an aerial planting plan

Axionometric plan

for arguments sake, let's simply call it 3D

The Stockyard Garden at Forty Hall Farm

The Informal Garden - 1 acre in a rural area

A back garden to enjoy and discover

Before ...

and after the Hard Landscaping ...

now for the plants !

Forty Hall Farm Orchard - A community effort

Re-introducing the heritage fruit Orchard originating from the 17th Century through to the 19th.

Currently under construction by volunteers of Enfield community
The orchard is a Bronze medal winner of the "Enfield in Bloom 2012"  for Innovative Growing Space & "Enfield in Bloom 2013"  for Exceptional Horticultural Contribution to the Local Community and again  the same award in 2018
Boris (and myself) visits the Orchard

Boris Johnson (Mayor of London)
shows his support of the Orchard

How it used to be in 2011
the plot was home to saddleback pigs - now relocated

A path with the help of John Lewis Volunteers
The Orchard (August 2013)
Spring 2014
The Princess Royal pays a visit to Orchard and tastes some freshly pressed apple juice - November 2015