Forty Hall Farm Orchard - A community effort

Re-introducing the heritage fruit Orchard originating from the 17th Century through to the 19th.

Currently under construction by volunteers of Enfield community
The orchard is a Bronze medal winner of the "Enfield in Bloom 2012"  for Innovative Growing Space & "Enfield in Bloom 2013"  for Exceptional Horticultural Contribution to the Local Community and again  the same award in 2018
Boris (and myself) visits the Orchard

Boris Johnson (Mayor of London)
shows his support of the Orchard

How it used to be in 2011
the plot was home to saddleback pigs - now relocated

A path with the help of John Lewis Volunteers
The Orchard (August 2013)
Spring 2014
The Princess Royal pays a visit to Orchard and tastes some freshly pressed apple juice - November 2015